Chris Matchan

Alistair has the profile of a ‘perfect’ interim senior executive – he can take a dispassionate and highly professional view of most situations, analyse and critique what needs to be done, write and agree the plan and then put a team together to deliver it. He leaves an organisation far better off than when he found it. Places will be more structured, more successful and more confident. He brings a sense of calm and confidence, plans effortlessly and has endless drive.

Client Director, Henley Business School

Karen Green

Alistair is a perfect turnaround specialist. He has razor like focus on understanding the needs of the business and establishing how to turn that into profitable sales.

Interim Commercial Director | Business mentor | Author | Speaker

Neil Metcalfe

Alistair is a professional and passionate CEO – he created a culture that was fresh, dynamic and personable which made me want to work harder to achieve more!

Steve Simmance

There are few professionals like Alistair who really do ‘see the wood from the trees’, whose clear line of sight efficiently enables him to set out a plan and achieve results with uncompromising standards of performance, Alistair knows how!

Founder & Managing Director, The Simmance Partnership Limited

Richard Leaver

A CEO with both empathy and considerable business skill combined with relentless drive and clarity of purpose. Unquestionably a turnaround specialist with a proven pedigree.

Owner & MD, Twin Thieves

Kevin Haselden

Alistair rapidly gained an understanding of the business situation. He created and communicated a clear transformation plan collaborating and engaging with all key stakeholders. Our future is set with a new, excited and engaged management team now in place, and a professional and seamless transition. It has been a pleasure having Alistair lead us through this transformation.

Chairman, Good Food Wines Ltd

Ant Durrant

When Alistair asked me to work with him again, on a transformation project, I didn’t hesitate.
He is highly professional, thorough in his approach and as sharp as they come!
His strong leadership instils a team culture that will deliver.

Director | Seasoned Insights & Solutions Ltd

Ian Hall

I am glad to say that Alistair ticked all the boxes! He is a clear strategic thinker and was able to de-fog our complex business and create clarity. With Alistair’s help the business has been re-energised and ready to enjoy a bright future.

Owner & MD, Utopia Furniture Ltd

Jo (Parkins) Howard

Alistair joined a fast moving industry and quickly became familiar with the requirements of this unique trading environment. He has a solid commercial approach and always remained calm and focused. Alistair is extremely methodical with high expectations of his team, however he balances that with the support that enables you to deliver and I strongly believe that he got the best from his direct reports.

Head of Client and Partner Development at epoints Trade Limited

Marie Dearlove

Alistair is one of those rare individuals who is both a leader and a manager. He has a unique ability to rally employees around a vision whilst ensuring it is executed in a very systemic way. He is highly people focused and that wins him the loyalty and respect of all around him.

FMCG – Food and Drink Sales Specialist | Interim Sales Manager | Founder – South West Brands

Bruce Casely

Alistair delivers change business transformation. He projects a clear vision for the team to follow. He leads from the front and was a significant asset to the business.

CFO at blu E-cigs

Nick Massey

Alistair was a strong collaborator and direct contributor to the development and execution of the commercial transformation of the business. He provided the leadership, energy and focus behind the redefinition of key trading strategies and the approach to customer management across the European marketplace.

Director & Investment Committee member at New Model Venture Capital

Chris Cook

Alistair’s advice to us as a start up business has been outstanding. Alistair formulated a detailed plan with clear phases for the business development. As a business we are now much better positioned to move forward and we are very excited about working with Alistair in the future.

Olympic swimmer | Swimming academy owner | Motivational speaker & mentor

Richard Hamilton

Alistair was the commercial director and managed the strategic relationship between REL and blu. Alistair provided a holistic view and made key structural decisions in a professional and concise manner. He has a futuristic mind and is always very much aware of the bigger picture and the key steps required to succeed in the longer term.

Head Of UK Sales at Highland Spring Ltd

Greg Buck

As well as turning the business strategy around Alistair has the people & coaching style to support lots of change, both on a company and personal level. I’d love to work in any company that is fortunate enough to have Alistair lead and transform.